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Gold Metal Fabric gilded wire Mesh


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Gold Plate Stretch Mesh
Material: gold plate stretch mesh
Mesh Size: 3X6 mm
Mesh tick: 0.5 mm


Gold Metal Fabric Gilded wire Mesh

Kim: chemical symbol: Au, red yellow metal, density: 19.3 g/cm3. Melting point: 1064 ℃, mohs hardness: 2.5, resistivity: 2.05 * 10 ^ – 8 (Ω M) (20 ℃).Chemical inertness of gold can only be dissolved in aqua regia and other corrosive strong material.
Gold nets, according to the production process is divided into: 1, the gold silk woven mesh. 2, gold plate stretch mesh.
Use: used for all kinds of instruments under special circumstances of current transmission, signal transmission, etc.

1、Gold Braid wire mesh

By gold in warp/weft woven, mesh for the square hole and rectangular hole.
Mesh:10Head—-200Head.Net wide:10 mm—-1000 mm.

2、Gold Plate Stretch Mesh,

By the gold plate or gold foil stamping by mechanical tensile,
mesh for the diamond, the approximate hexagon.

Gold plate stretch mesh specifications

Mesh thick:0.04mm —2mm.
Mesh  wide:5 mm—300 mm.

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