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Hafnium wire mesh plates stretch screen


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Hafnium woven wire mesh
Material: Hafnium wire
Mesh: 16 x 16 mesh
Wire diameter: 0.45 mm


Hafnium wire mesh plates stretch screen

Hafnium, chemical symbol Hf, silver luster, melting point 2233 ℃,boiling point 4603 ℃,the density of 13.2 g/cm3, mohs hardness: 5.5. Hafnium has characteristic,of high temperature corrosion,with water, dilute acid or alkali, soluble in aqua regia and hydrofluoric acid.Hafnium network, According to the production,the process is divided into:
1, hafnium silk woven mesh.
2, hafnium plates stretch mesh.

1.Hafnium silk weaving wire mesh nets

By using warp/weft crossover woven hafnium silk, mesh for the square hole and rectangular hole
Mesh:0.5Head—80Head.Net wide:10 mm –2000mmHafnium silk weaving wire mesh

2、Hafnium plates stretching mesh

Composed of hafnium plate by the mechanical stamping tensile, mesh for diamond, triangle, approximate hexagon.
Hafnium plates stretch mesh specifications
Mesh:1X2mm,1.5X3mm,2X3mm,2X4mm,3X6mm,4X8mm,5X10mm,6X12mm,8X16mmetcHafnium plates stretching mesh


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