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Extended Platinum Clad Niobium Mesh


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Platinum Clad Niobium Mesh
Material:Niobium Plate Stretch Mesh
Platinum layer thickness: 2-20µm/ standard: 2-5µm
Current density: 100A/dm2 Max
PH: 0-11


Extended Platinum Clad Niobium Mesh

Platinum clad niobium mesh surface, especially for high-speed and high current density plating solution, chemical resistance of niobium mesh capacity and conductivity properties particularly good, one surface area capable of carrying current is titanium mesh 4 -5 times, so it is the best choice for high metal plating! The service life is 4-5 times that of platinum titanium mesh, and the carrying current is 4-5 times that of titanium mesh, so the comprehensive performance can save 2.5 times the use cost compared with platinum titanium mesh.
Use industry: aluminum wheel plating, precious metal plating, perchlorate

Advantages of Extended Platinum Clad Niobium Mesh

  1. The anode with complex shape can be produced.
  2. The operation is simple and does not require maintenance.
  3. A smaller electric resistance of
  4. Extremely high anticorrosion performance
  5. Suitable for fluorine containing electrolyte
  6. Under the condition of high current density, a long service life of 7. 5% can also be guaranteed.
  7. 7.The structure is firm and does not deform
  8. Repeatable plating platinum
  9. The anode based on niobium metal is reticulated, plate-shaped, rod-shaped, filamentous and tubular. The thickness of the standard platinum layer is 2-5 μ m, and the thickness of the platinum layer can reach 20 μ m under higher requirements.
Base metal::
 Nb  涂层氧化物
Coating oxide:
Current density range:
 <10000A/M2  铂金含量
Platinum content:
Fluoride content::
 <500mg/L  温度范围
Temperature range:
Usage time :
 >10months  涂层厚度
Coating thickness

Extended Platinum Clad Niobium Mesh

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