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Quality Titanium Wire Mesh Screen


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Titanium Wire Mesh Screen
Material: pure titanium wire: TA0 content is ≥99.6%
Mesh: 24 x 24 mesh
Wire diameter:0.35 mm


Quality Titanium Wire Mesh Screen

Material Pure titanium wire mesh screen

Ti ≥ 99.6% black surface black titanium mesh is suitable
for industries such as seawater filtration which have low purity of the solution.
High-purity titanium wire: bright surface without oxide layer bright titanium mesh
suitable for the manufacture of titanium electrode network chemical titanium filter.
The most commonly used grades of pure titanium wire: TA0 TA1 TA2 GR1 GR2

Product name  Pure titanium wire mesh Brand Name  Yingtaida
Width: 50mm —2000 mm Length: 30.5m
Mesh 0.3-400 Aperture 0.02mm-23.7mm
Payment T/T L/C Packing Wooden case
We can according to your special need to made

Use of Titanium Wire Mesh Screen

Industrial pure titanium wire is a raw material for the manufacture of titanium wire mesh titanium electrode and heating element. Titanium wire mesh woven with 0.1mm-5.5mm pure titanium wire is used to filter chemical liquids with a filtration accuracy of 50μm to 50mm; titanium Wire mesh is produced from pure titanium wire weaving. Titanium wire mesh is also known as titanium filter mesh titanium electrode mesh titanium current collection mesh according to the purpose.

Pure titanium weaving wire mesh screen

Process: plain twill and dense
Aperture: 0.02mm-23.7mm
Mesh number: 0.3 mesh – 400 mesh
Width: 50mm-2000mm

Quality Titanium Wire Mesh Screen

specification of Pure titanium weaving wire mesh screen

Material ø Wire
TA1 1.00 8 2.5 2.175 1.0 2.5 white
TA1 0.24 15 0.5 1.453 1.0 0.246 white
TA1 0.5 16 1.5 1.087 1.0 1.2 black
TA1 0.35 20 0.90 0.92 1.3 0.73 white
TA1 0.25 25 0.60 0.766 1.0 0.46 black
TA1 0.20 35 0.35 0.525 0.6 0.42 white
TA1 0.15 40 0.30 0.495 0.6 0.27 white
TA1 0.14 40 0.40 0.485 1.0 0.23 black
TA1 0.13 60 0.39 0.293 1.0 0.304 white
TA1 0.14 60 0.40 0.283 1.0 0.353 black
TA1 0.10 80 0.3 0.217 1.0 0.24 black
TA1 0.10 100 0.25 0.154 1.0 0.3 black
TA1 0.1 100 0.31 0.154 1.0 0.3 white
TA1 0.06 150 0.22 0.109 0.5 0.16 white
TA1 0.35*0.28 200 0.91 0.118 1.0 2.72 black
TA1 0.14*0.17 400 0.46 0.063 1.0 1.45 black

Pure titanium weaving wire mesh screen

Titanium Metal Mesh screen

Diamond hole titanium mesh plate adopts pure titanium plate after stretching production
so it is also called titanium plate stretching net. The shape of mesh hole is rhombus. The length of the titanium
plate that composes the mesh is called the stem wire and is in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped.

Material grade:

TA1 TA2 GR1 GR2 Titanium content≥99.6%
Thickness: 0.1-3mm
Width: 5mm-1000mm
The commonly used specifications of diamond hole titanium mesh are:
0.8*1.5mm 1*2mm 2*4mm 3*6mm 4mm*8mm 5mm*10mm 10mm*20mm
Surface: coated yttrium oxide platinum coating

Titanium Metal Mesh features:

Diamond-shaped hole titanium mesh plate titanium mesh through mechanical processing hole shape is
diamond-shaped hole open hole rate surface area high strength after the correction of high flatness
and the glass platform contact area of more than 96%. Strong bearing capacity and good corrosion resistance.
Due to its acid and alkaline resistance and electrical conductivity titanium meshes are often used to
fabricate battery current collectors positive-cathode ion-exchange membrane cell titanium anodes
titanium mesh filters and electroplated anode meshes.

Stamping titanium mesh

Through pure titanium plate stamping production through the replacement of the mold can produce round
square rectangular hexagonal triangular and other hole type. Due to the high strength of the titanium plate
the production aperture needs to be determined according to the thickness of the plate
the plate is too thick and the aperture is too small to be produced.Stamping titanium mesh

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