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Platinum plated titanium anode mesh


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Platinum plated Titanium anode
Material:Titanium Ti TA1
Sheet Thickness:0.5 mm
Opening: 10*25 mm
Current density: 8000 A/M2


Platinum plated titanium anode mesh

Platinum anode: titanium as the substrate. The surface is plated with precious
metal platinumand the thickness of the plating layer is generally 1-5um.
Titanium mesh mesh specifications for platinum are generally
12.5×4.5mm 6×3mm and 4.5×2.5mm

Platinum-titanium-insoluble anodes

The titanium-based anodes have mesh plate rod filament andtube shapes. The standard platinum layer has a thickness of 2-5 μm. Under higher requirements
the thickness of the platinum layer can reach 20 μm. The service life of the platinized titanium anodedepends on the current density (current density) of the working medium (electrolyte) and the anode.
The current density should not exceed 75A/dm2. Below this value the wear of the platinum layer is small and the anode lifetime can also be estimated. As a rule of thumb the platinum layer wears in the order of
1-4 grams per million amp hours in a fluorine-free chromium plating bath. When the current density is higher than 75A/dm2 or using a fluorine-containing electrolyte we recommend the use of a platinum-plated
tantalum anode (see Platinum-plated tantalum anode).

  Matrix metal:  Gr1、Gr2  Coated metal:  Pt+X
  Current density range:  <5000A/M2  The thickness of the platinum  1~5um
  Electrode shape:   Net pipe rod board    Board temperature range:  <80℃
  Fluoride ion content  <50mg/L    Ph  1-12

Advantages of Platinum plated titanium anode mesh

High corrosion resistance
High current efficiency
Long working life
After the electrodes lose their activity the matrix can be repaired
High current density high production efficiency
The weight of the electrode is light

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