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Nickel weaving wire mesh


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Nickel wire woven mesh

Aperture: 0.02 mm-23.7 mm
Mesh: 0.3 mesh – 300 mesh
Width: 10 mm – 2000 mm.


Nickel wire Nickel weaving wire mesh

Nickel chemical symbol

Ni silvery white metal melting point: 1453 ℃ boiling point: 2732 ℃ density: 8.902 g/cm3.
Nickel has good corrosion resistance alkali resistance corrosion of the salt solution.
According to the production process Nickel net can be divided into nickel wire woven wire mesh
nickel plate stretch mesh nickel plate punching net and nickel wire gas-liquid filter.
Use:  Nickel net is more used in acid alkali salt environment the chemical industry electrodes
battery industry electronics shielding electrode etc

Nickel weaving wire mesh

Material is N6, nickel content is ≥99.6%
Hole shape: square
Aperture: 0.02mm-23.7mm
Mesh: 0.3 mesh – 300 mesh
Width: 10mm – 2000mm.

Nickel mesh application:

applied to the cathode electrode
of the membrane pole distance membrane electrolysis cell,
oxygen cathode ion membrane electrolysis cell, electromagnetic shielding net,
battery current collecting net, chemical filter net. Stable in the atmosphere,
fresh water and sea water

Product name Nickel wire mesh Brand Name  Yingtaida
Use Screening filters Weave style Plate twill & Dutch
Net thickness 0.04mm to 5mm packing weeden case
Payment T/T L/C Western union
We can according to your special need to made

Nickel wire Nickel weaving wire mesh

Nickel wire woven mesh:

It is woven by Nickel wire and can be divided into flash nickel wire woven wire mesh coated nickel wire woven wire mesh
mesh hole shape can be square or rectangular.
Mesh:0.5Head—300Head.Net wide:10 mm —2000 mm

Nickel wire woven mesh
Nickel wire woven mesh cloths

specification of Nickel wire mesh

Mesh/Inch Wire Gauge SWG Aperture mm Mesh/Inch Wire Gauge SWG Aperture mm
3 14 6.27 50 38 0.36
4 16 4.27 60 40 0.30
5 18 3.86 80 42 0.21
6 18 3.86 100 44 0.172
8 20 2.26 120 44 0.13
10 20 1.63 150 46 0.108
20 30 0.95 160 46 0.097
30 34 0.61 180 47 0.09
40 36 0.44 200 47 0.077

Nickel wire woven mesh net
Packing and delivery:
Inside the net is rolled by dry paper tube clockwise to keep both ends neat and smooth.
Then a layer of moisture-proof paper is usedNickel wire woven mesh roll
Nickel wire woven mesh packing

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