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Columbium Niobium Wire Cloth


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Plain Weave Columbium Niobium wire Cloth
Material:Pure niobium wire-R04200
Mesh: 20×20 mesh
Wire diameter: 0.012 mm
Mesh Opening:0.0380 mm
Opening Area:57.8%


High Quality Plain Weave Columbium Niobium wire Cloth

Product Name: Pure niobium net, niobium screen
Material: R04200-1 R04251
Mesh: 2 mesh – 40 mesh Special specifications are customized according to customer requirements
High melting point: 2468 ° C, high boiling point: 5127 ° C

Columbium Niobium wire Cloth

is a rare metal mesh with a steel gray luster. It is a very stable chemical element. In the equipment for making various inorganic acids, the stencil can be used to replace the stainless steel mesh, and the service life can be increased by several times compared with stainless steel. In addition, in the chemical, electronic, electrical and other industries, the network can replace the tasks that were required to be undertaken by the precious metal platinum network, which greatly reduces the cost. The grid can also manufacture tanks, towers, pipes and valves for petrochemical heat exchangers, heaters, concentrators and reactors. In addition, the mesh has excellent high temperature performance, so it is also commonly used in high temperature vacuum furnaces. Body and heat shield.

Wire Mesh(wires/In.) Wire Diameter Type Weave Width Opening %Open Area Stock width
20×20 0.0120 Plain 0.0380 57.8 12
Wire Mesh(wires/In.) Wire Diameter Type Weave Width Opening %Open Area Stock width
40×40 0.0070 Plain 0.0180 51.8 12
50×50 0.0050 Twill 0.0150 56.3 12

Columbium Niobium wire ClothColumbium Niobium wire mesh

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