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Molybdenum Sintered Wire Mesh


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Molybdenum Sintered Wire Mesh
Material: Molybdenum Wire
Mesh: 16 x 16 mesh
Wire diameter: 0.4 mm
Opening: 1.188 mm
Feature: High melting point, High-density


Molybdenum Wire mesh Sintered Wire Mesh

Permanent magnet materials are also known as “hard magnetic materials.”A material that maintains a constant magnetic property upon magnetization. It has a wide hysteresis loop, high coercivity and hysteresis loop hysteresis loop high remanence. In practice, the permanent magnet material operates in the second quadrant demagnetization portion of the deep magnetic saturation and hysteresis loop after magnetization.

Materials of  Molybdenum Sintered Wire Mesh

Molybdenum mesh is a mesh-like high-temperature material which is woven from Molybdenum mesh is an important raw material in the sintering industry of permanent magnet pure molybdenum wire or high-temperature molybdenum wire in a certain order. Therefore, it is also called molybdenum wire mesh in the industry. The wire mesh is used in the sintering stage of the rare earth

1.Specification  of  Molybdenum Sintered Wire Mesh

Mesh/Inch Wire diameter Aperture
Mesh/Inch Wire diameter Aperture
1 2.03 22.37 30 0.25 0.596
2 1.8 10.90 40 0.21 0.425
4 1.2 5.15 50 0.19 0.318
6 0.8 3.433 100 0.10 0.154
8 0.60 2.575 120 0.08 0.132
10 0.55 1.990 150 0.065 0.104
12 0.50 1.616 180 0.053 0.088
14 0.45 0.362 200 0.053 0.074
16 0.4 1.188 250 0.04 0.061
18 0.35 1.060 300 0.035 0.049
20 0.3 0.970 / / /

2, Advantages of Molybdenum Sintered Wire Mesh

The molybdenum mesh is characterized by high temperature resistance, high hardness, and low deformation in a high temperature environment, and the mesh woven structure has excellent gas permeability, so that the rare earth strong magnetic material has good support and temperature uniformity in the vacuum furnace sintering.
In the sintering process of the permanent magnet material of the vacuum furnace, the working environment temperature of the molybdenum mesh is 1100 ° C, and the working mode is continuous operation.

Compared with the tungsten mesh,

the same specification size molybdenum mesh has lower weight and lower raw material cost. The molybdenum mesh meets the design requirements of working strength in a high temperature environment, and has a cost advantage.

3. Industrial Molybdenum Wire Netting For Radiation Shield

1). Material Grade:  MO1 MO2
2). Wire Diameter:  0.06mm–2.5mm
3). Aperture Size:  0.025mm-0.53mm
4). Product Feature:  High melting point, High-density, high temperature oxidation resistance, long service life, resistance to corrosion..
5). Dimensions and tolerance (Unit: mm)
Delivery condition Specification Tolerance Thickness Roughness
Diameter Height Diameter Hight
Sintering 10-500 10-750 ±3.0 ±3.0 8~20 /
Final Finished 10-450 10-550 ±0.5 ±1.0 7~18 ≤3.2


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