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Titanium wire mesh filter tube


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Titanium wire mesh filter tube
Material: Pure nickel wire Knit fabric
Raw material: TA2 pure titanium T wire
Filtration accuracy: ≥ 0.2mm
Diameter: 1000mm


Titanium wire mesh filter tube

1. Technical parameters of titanium wire mesh filter tube

Raw material:  TA2  pure titanium T wire
Filtration accuracy: ≥0.2mm
Diameter: 100mm-3000mm

Filter unit: Rectangular slit filter
Process: Fusion Welding + Titanium Flange + Support Structure + Surface Electrostatic Spraying
Working method: Automatic backwashing seawater titanium filter column
Uses: desalination and shipbuilding industryTitanium wire mesh filter tube

2.Performance of titanium wire mesh filter tube:

The ability of titanium mesh to resist seawater corrosion is better than all other metals.Titanium mesh has special stability in both stationary and high-speed flowing seawater. Therefore titanium mesh is the ideal material for seawater desalination devices: the application of titanium mesh in this field will increase. Titanium mesh has strong corrosion resistance to seawater and marine air and it is an ideal structural material for the shipbuilding industry because of its high strength and light weight. It has been widely used in many parts of various ships and deepwater submarines.Titanium wire mesh filter tube sea

3. The new process of titanium mesh filter

In order to solve the problem of microorganisms adhering to the surface of the titanium mesh filter causing blockage of the filter aperture and reducing the working efficiency of the titanium mesh filter element the surface of the second generation titanium mesh filter element is coated with an electrostatic spray coating which has a bright and beautiful appearance and prevents adhesion of marine organisms. The knot tightly prevents further contamination of the filter media characteristics
Titanium wire mesh filter tubes

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