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Pure copper sound insulation netting


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Red copper wire mesh
Material: Cu:99.9% Red copper wire
Mesh Count: 60 mesh/inch
Weave style: plain woven
Wire Diameter: 0.1905 mm
Aperture .0432 mm
Open Area: 30%


Pure copper sound insulation netting

Material of Pure copper sound insulation netting :

Red copper wire–purity–Cu:99.9%
Mesh count:1-200 mesh
Wire diameter:0.05mm-2.03mm
Weave technology:Plain weave, Twill weave
Common roll size:1*30m, Other size:1.2*30m,1.5*30m,2m*30m etc

Feature Pure copper sound insulation netting:

non-magnetic, wear resistance acid and alkali resistance, good ductility good conductivity, good heat transfer performance EMF shielding

Usage of Pure copper sound insulation netting

Copper wire mesh frequently utilized in applications requiring shielding of electromagnetic interference (EMI). The reduction or exclusion of Electro-magnetic interference is dependent upon the signal amplitude and frequency in relation to the many combinations of mesh count, wire diameter and weaving materials available.

Copper Mesh is also called copper wire mesh and copper filter mesh. Copper Mesh can be cropped to 30mm. And copper mesh can be produced into round shape, oval shape, square shape, rectangular shape, triangular shape, trapezoidal shape and several other special shapes or according to customer requirement.

Comparison of characteristics of three copper networks

Name Red copper mesh screen Brass wire mesh Phosphor bronze wire mesh
Picture Red copper mesh screen Brass wire mesh Phosphor bronze wire mesh
Material Pure copper wire(Cu99.9%) H65 Brass wire (Cu65%,Zn35%)
H80  Brass wire Cu80%,Zn20%)
Phosphor Bronze  wire
Copper contains 85-90% and tin 5-15%
Specification Mesh 10 to 200 .
wire Diameter 0.04-3.0mm
Mesh 1 to250 Mesh 2 to 400
Feature Red copper mesh screen impurities,

close to pure copper non-magnetic,

wear-resistance,toughness and ductility are good

Non-magnetic, wear resistance,good ductility ,bright color,
Smooth surface etc.
Application Shielding screen, for RFI and

EMI shielding, Faraday cage, building anti noise

Screening all kinds of particles ,powder,powder, porcelain clay and glass filter gas and liqui

Specification of Pure copper sound insulation netting

Mesh/inch Wire Dia.(mm) Aperture (mm) Mesh/inch Wire Dia. (mm) Aperture (mm) Mesh/inch Wire Dia. (mm) Aperture (mm)
2 mesh 1.6 11.10 20 mesh 0.25 1.02 110 mesh 0.09 0.141
4 mesh 0.91 5.44 30 mesh 0.21 0.64 120 mesh 0.09 0.122
6 mesh 0.71 3.52 40 mesh 0.19 0.45 130 mesh 0.07 0.125
8 mesh 0.50 2.67 50 mesh 0.15 0.36 140 mesh 0.07 0.111
10 mesh 0.50 2.04 60 mesh 0.15 0.27 150 mesh 0.06 0.109
12 mesh 0.45 1.66 70 mesh 0.13 0.232 160 mesh 0.06 0.098
14 mesh 0.40 1.41 80 mesh 0.12 0.197 180 mesh 0.053 0.088
16 mesh 0.30 1.28 90 mesh 0.11 0.172 200 mesh 0.053 0.074
18 mesh 0.25 1.16 100 mesh 0.10 0.154 220 mesh 0.05 0.065
width:0.60m -1.8m

product application of Pure copper sound insulation netting

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