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Masonry Reinforcement Brick Coil Welded Mesh


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Masonry Reinforcement Brick Coil Welded Mesh: galvanized iron wire or stainless steel wire, Application : Masonry Joint Reinforcement Truss Wire, Weave Style : butt weld ,Technique: Welded Mesh


Masonry Reinforcement brick coil welded Mesh

Material of Masonry Reinforcement brick coil 

1.Galvanized steel wire
3.Packaging: 20pcs/case.
Application: Masonry Joint Reinforcement Truss Wire
Weave Style: butt weld
Technique: Welded Mesh

Description of reinforcement brick coil welded Mesh

1.  Ladder reinforcing mesh
2.  Wire diameter: 9 gauge or 3/16″ wire rod.
3.  Width:  2″ , 4″, 6″. 8″, 10″,12″
4.  Length: 10′(3.05 meter) or other special length.
5.  Finishes  Mill galvanized, Hot-dipped galvanized, Stainless steel.

Packaging & Shipping of Masonry Reinforcement brick coil welded Mesh

1.  10pcs/case,50pcs/carton
2.  50 pieces per bundle, 20 bundles per pallet.
3.  25 pieces per bundle, 40 bundles per pallet.
4.  Delivery time: 12 days/container

Specification of  wall reinforcement coil mesh

Wall width (mm) Coil width (mm) Coil Length (m) Material
114 64 20 Galvanised or Stainless steel
164 114 20 Galvanised or Stainless steel
228 178 20 Galvanised or Stainless steel
279 229 20 Galvanised or Stainless steel
355 305 20 Galvanised or Stainless steel

Specification of block mesh lath mesh

Wire diameter mm Longitude wire spacing mm Cross wire spacing mm Width mm Length mm
2.5 30 200 40 1000
3.0 45 300 65 2000
3.5 60 240 200 2950
3.8 100 400 100 3000
4.0 150 400 200 5000
4.5 200 600 200 5500
It can be customized.

Masonry Reinforcement brick coil details show

YTDPH03 ¢3.5 *114mm Touch welding -Ladder Mesh YTDPH04 ¢3.8 *100mm Touch welding -Ladder Mesh
YTDPH03 ¢3.5 *114mm Touch welding -Ladder Mesh YTDPH04 ¢3.8 *100mm Touch welding -Ladder Mesh
YTDPH05 ¢4.0 *100*2mm Touch welding -Ladder Mesh  YTD-PH03-Touch welding -Block truss mesh
YTDPH05 ¢4.0 *100*2mm Touch welding -Ladder Mesh  YTD-PH03-Touch welding -Block truss mesh
 YTD-PH03-Touch welding -Block truss mesh YTD-DH02- 9 gauge4*10ft Block truss mesh (H/GL)
YTD-DH01- 9 gauge 4*10ft Ladder Mesh (H/GL) YTD-DH02- 9 gauge4*10ft  Block truss mesh (H/GL)
YTD-DH04 -7 gauge 6*10 ft wire rod Ladder Mesh  YTD-DH04 -9 gauge 6*10 ft Ladder Mesh ( B/IRON)
 YTD-DH04 -7 gauge 6*10 ft  wire rod Ladder Mesh  YTD-DH04 -9 gauge 6*10 ft  Ladder Mesh ( B/IRON)
YTD-DH01-9 gauge 6*10ft Ladder Mesh (E/GL) YTD-DH03-9 gauge 6*10ft Block truss mesh( B/IRON)
YTD-DH01-9 gauge 6*10ft Ladder Mesh (E/GL) YTD-DH03-9 gauge 6*10ft Block truss mesh( B/IRON)

Packing and delivery

50 pieces per carton  20 pieces per carton
25 pieces per bundle, 40 bundles per pallet.
25 pieces per bundle, 40 bundles per pallet.

Masonry Reinforcement brick coil mesh comtainer loading

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