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Pulse electronic fence


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Pulse electronic fence panel

Electronic fence is mainly used in places where there is a high level of safety and does not occupy the surrounding land.


Pulse electronic fence

The  electronic fence is mainly used in places where there is a high level of safety
and does not occupy the surrounding land.

Pulse electronic fence features:

(1) Active counterattack with physical barrier Delayed intrusion Accurate alarm and other characteristics
(2) Based on the pulse mechanism, it has strong anti-interference ability and wide application range.
(3) Adapt to any complex terrain environment and facilitate implementation
(4) Zero false alarm rate and high reliability (overcoming the technical defects such as traditional infrared induction vibration cable, the alarm is basically not affected by climate, terrain, trees, small animals, etc.)
(5) No blind zone No dead corners No holes The front fence is a tangible fence that can be erected with the terrain.
(6) Anti-shear alarm When the intruder attempts to cross the same high-voltage circuit through the short-circuit electronic fence, the system will detect the change of the front-end data and make a correct anti-shear alarm to issue an alarm signal.
(7) Authoritative testing, no harm to the human body under the premise of ensuring the protection strength 

The basic principle of the pulse electronic fence

is the high-frequency pulse generated by the pulse generator (host) and the intelligent perimeter system composed of the front fence. The electronic fence system can load the pulse high voltage on the exposed alloy wire at the front end, and 600v-1.5kv under the low pressure state. Adjustable), high voltage 4KV ~ 6.5KV (adjustable), forming a type of “high-pressure blocking layer” around the protection zone with perimeter security function such as anti-theft, alarm and other high security levels

Electronic fence system compsition and application 

System composition and application

The high-voltage pulsed electronic fence system is mainly composed of two parts of the detector electronic fence. Usually, the electronic fence is installed outdoors, along the original fence (such as brick wall cement wall or iron fence).

Scope of application

1. military base; 2. airport; 3. prison detention center; 4. factories; 5 high-end residential quarters 6. farms; 7. mining areas;

Division of electronic fence zones

1) Deterrence one zones only Set up a perimeter throughout the perimeter
2) Medium safety one zone length≤
The length of each defense zone shall not be greater than 300 meters,
and those greater than 300 meters shall be divided into multiple
defense zones
3) Advanced safety level one zone length≤
The length of each defense area is set at 100 meters.
The whole fence is divided into multiple defense areas.
Each defense area has its own independent trigger alarm,
which can indicate the alarm location

Schematic diagram of four-wire electronic fence

Pulse electronic fence four-wire

More pictures for the attached electronic fencing

Pulse electronic fence Electronic fence host Pulse electronic fence Electrice fence  terminal bar
Electronic fence host Electrice fence  terminal bar
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L type support bar
Electric fence for garden
Pulse electronic fence Pulse electronic fence Electric isolation
Intermediate support bar with insulator Electric isolation
Pulse electronic fence Residential electronic fence Pulse electronic fence Power plant electronic fence
Residential electronic fence Power plant electronic fence

Pulse electronic fence for farmingPulse electronic fence

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