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Copper perforated decorative ceiling panel


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Metal Decorative ceiling panel
Material: Stainless Steel Plate Copper coated
Sheet Thickness: 0.68-3.23 mm
Hole shape: Customer request


Copper perorated decorative ceiling panel

Hole type of copper perforated decorative ceiling panels:

Rectangular hole, square hole, diamond hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangular hole, long round hole, long waist hole, plum hole, fish scale hole, pattern hole, pentagonal star hole, irregular hole , from the drum hole and so on.

 Features  of copper perforated decorative ceiling

Smooth mesh surface, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, beautiful, durable, and a wide range of applications.

Specifications of copper perforated decorative ceiling:

plate thickness 0.1mm – 15mm, hole diameter 0.1mm-200mm roll plate thickness 0.2mm-1.5mm, maximum width: 1250mm, hole diameter 0.5mm – 10mm.

Weaving and characteristics:

stamping and extension; divided into: punching net, steel mesh, aluminum mesh, sieve plate, punching plate, speaker net and so on.

 Description of  copper perforated decorative ceiling

Hole Diameter
Staggered Centers Sheet Thickness
Open Area
0.045″ 1.14 0.66″ 0.033-0.039″ 0.84-0.99 37%
1/16″ 1.59 3/32″ 0.027-0.033″ 0.68-0.84 41%
1/16″ 1.59 1/8″ 0.027-0.066″ 0.68-1.68 23%
5/64″ 1.98 1/8″ 0.027-0.053‘’ 0.68-1.35 35%
0.081″ 2.06  1/8″ 0.053-0.066″ 1.35-1.68 38%
3/32″ 2.38 5/32″ 0.053*0.066″ 1.35-1.68 33%
1/8″ 3.17 3/16″ 0.027-0.127″ 0.68-3.23 40%
5/32″ 3.97 3/16‘’ 0.027-0.056″ 0.68-1.68 63%
3/16″ 4.76 1/4″ 0.027-0.127″ 0.68-3.23 50%


The images of copper perforated screen

decorative ceiling panelCopper perforated decorative ceiling panelCopper perforated decorative ceiling mesh panel

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