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Copper curtain braided woven decorative mesh

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Decorative Crimped Wire Mesh
Material: Stainless Steel &Copper
Warp Diameter:1.35mm Warp Pitch:2.5mm
Weft pitch:5.4mm
Opening Area:32%
Weight :7.64kgs/m2
Mesh Thickness :3.2mm
Max Width %Length 3m*20m
Uses : Exterior & Interior


Copper alloy braided woven decorative curtain mesh

Material of braided woven decorative  mesh:

Stainless Steel &Copper
Warp Diameter:1.35mm Warp Pitch:2.5mm
Weft pitch:5.4mm
Opening Area:32%
Weight :7.64kgs/m2
Mesh Thickness :3.2mm
Max Width %Length 3m*20m
Uses : Exterior & Interior

Feature of the stainless steel wire mesh:

1. Aesthetic appeal;2.Versatile;3. Architecturally inspired;4.Variety of openings and sizes;5.Unique design and appearance;
6.Style and functionality

Application of the stainless steel curtain mesh

· In acid, alkali environment conditions sieving and filtering.
· Petroleum industry as mud mesh,.
· Chemical fiber industry as screen mesh.

Description of copper alloy braided woven decorative mesh

Open Area Cable wire dia mm Cable pitch mm Bar dia
Bar pitch
1 40% 1*1.8 4 1.5 5.5 5.1 7.74
2 43% 1*2.5 6 2 8 5.5 7.87
3 62% 2*2.75 40 4 14.5 9.5 9.41
4 37.2% 3*0.5 3.5 0.5 1.4 1.3 2.4
5 71% 3*1.6 80 2.5 10 5.7 4.58
6 65% 3*2 80 3 10 7 6.67
7 65.9% 3*2.75 110 4 14.5 10 8.5
8 67% 3*3 110 4 14.2 10 8.6
9 44.3% 4*0.75 26.4 4.5 3 3 5.2
10 62% 4*1 36 2 6.6 4 4.55
11 40% 4*2 50 3 6 7 11.2
12 42% 4*2 50 3 6 7 11.8

Decorative wire mesh modern designers

Decorative wire mesh can be specially woven with super quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper or other alloy materials. Metal wire mesh fabrics are now catching the eyes of modern designers. It is widely used as curtains, screens for dining hall, isolation in hotels, ceiling decoration, Animal containment and security fencing, etc.
Progress Architectural Steel Structures are an innovative solution for making facades look even more attractive. Individual facade solutions turns out to be perfect as large surface solutions. Architectural wire mesh (woven wire mesh) enable us to obtain various visual and functional effects.

Pictures showing of Copper intermediate crimped wire mesh

Decorative  Copper wire meshCopper Decorative crimped Wire MeshCopper Decorative crimped MeshCopper Decorative crimped stainless steel wire meshstainless steel Decorative crimpedstainless steel Decorative crimped meshstainless steel Decorative crimped wire

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Packing and Delivery

1.for small quantity shipped by courier.
2.for large quantity shiped by air or by sea.
3.tracking number will be emailed to you after order has been shipped.
4.If you have forwarder in China we can send to your forwarder for free.

Packing and delivery Brass Wire Mesh Cloth Copper Screen


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